Linger Process

LingerProcess is a sandbox setting in Sandboxie Ini. It specifies names of programs that will be automatically terminated, when they are the last programs that remain in execution in a particular sandbox. This is useful as some programs occasionally launch helper programs to carry out a specific task, and the helper program remains in execution even after the original program has ended. For example:


jusched.exe is part of the Sun Java framework. It is occasionally launched when Internet Explorer starts the Java framework. This LingerProcess example setting specifies that if jusched.exe remains the last program running in the sandbox DefaultBox, then it should be terminated.

LingerProcess will not terminate a process, if that process was the first process launched in the sandbox.

For example, the default configuration includes Adobe Acrobat Reader as a LingerProcess, because it is typically launched when viewing PDF files through the Web browser, and remains running even after the browser has closed.


However, if you manually start Adobe Acrobat Reader sandboxed, for example by running it from the Sandboxie Start Menu, then the LingerProcess setting will not apply to that process.

Related Sandboxie Control setting: Sandbox Settings -> Program Stop -> Lingering Programs

See also: Program Settings.