SBIE Messages

Sandboxie messages may be issued to the System Event Log or the Popup Message Log. This is not an exhaustive list. For more information, please look in our Technical Support forum.

Some messages are informational and notify of a common, or in some cases special, event that has occurred. Other messages indicate an error condition.

To consult the documentation for a particular message, please use the navigation frame on the right.

Some messages display details which include NT status codes, denoted in the help pages as ntstatus. For a list of common NT status codes, please consult Nt Status Codes.

All documented Messages

SBIE1101 SBIE1102 SBIE1103 SBIE1104 SBIE1105 SBIE1106 SBIE1108 SBIE1109 SBIE1110 SBIE1111 SBIE1112 SBIE1113 SBIE1114 SBIE1116 SBIE1119 SBIE1120 SBIE1121 SBIE1122 SBIE1151 SBIE1152 SBIE1153 SBIE1201 SBIE1202 SBIE1203 SBIE1204 SBIE1211 SBIE1212 SBIE1213 SBIE1214 SBIE1215 SBIE1216 SBIE1222 SBIE1223 SBIE1224 SBIE1241 SBIE1242 SBIE1301 SBIE1303 SBIE1304 SBIE1306 SBIE1307 SBIE1308 SBIE1309 SBIE1310 SBIE1311 SBIE1312 SBIE1313 SBIE1314 SBIE1401 SBIE1402 SBIE1403 SBIE1404 SBIE1405 SBIE1406 SBIE1408 SBIE1409 SBIE1410 SBIE1411 SBIE1412 SBIE2102 SBIE2103 SBIE2104 SBIE2108 SBIE2191 SBIE2192 SBIE2193 SBIE2202 SBIE2203 SBIE2204 SBIE2205 SBIE2206 SBIE2207 SBIE2208 SBIE2209 SBIE2210 SBIE2211 SBIE2212 SBIE2213 SBIE2214 SBIE2217 SBIE2218 SBIE2219 SBIE2220 SBIE2221 SBIE2222 SBIE2223 SBIE2303 SBIE2304 SBIE2305 SBIE2306 SBIE2307 SBIE2308 SBIE2309 SBIE2310 SBIE2311 SBIE2312 SBIE2313 SBIE2314 SBIE2315 SBIE2316 SBIE2317 SBIE2318 SBIE2321 SBIE2322 SBIE2323 SBIE2326 SBIE2327 SBIE2331 SBIE2332 SBIE2334 SBIE3207 SBIE3208 SBIE3209 SBIE9101 SBIE9153 SBIE9154 SBIE9156 SBIE9201 SBIE9202 SBIE9203 SBIE9204 SBIE9205 SBIE9206 SBIE9207 SBIE9208 SBIE9251 SBIE9252 SBIE9253 SBIE9302 SBIE9304 SBIE9305