Sandboxie Plus offers a multitude of new functionality which improves security, compatibility and the overall sandboxing experience.

Some of these features (*) are however only available to users with a Support Certificate which can be obtained by contributing to the Sandboxie project or purchased in our online shop.

Some more features (**) are available to participants of the Sandboxie-Insider program.

Rule Specificity *

Security enhanced sandboxes *

Privacy enhanced sandboxes *

Compartment Mode *

Virtual Disk Integration **

Enhanced network filtering and redirection **

WFP (Windows Filtering Platform) support

Windows 11 context menu integration

Process/Thread handle filtering (obCallbacks)

Win32 syscall hooking

New UI with dark mode and much more


Enhanced debug/trace monitor

Fake admin privileges

Box size monitor

Start Menu integration

Sandbox SID isolation

Breakout Process

USB drive sandboxing **

EFS Support **

ARM64 support for Windows 11 *