Closed Ipc Path

ClosedIpcPath is a sandbox setting in Sandboxie Ini. It specifies path patterns for which Sandboxie will deny all access by sandboxed programs, including read access. This setting essentially blocks resources from being accessed by sandboxed programs.

Program Name Prefix may be specified.


   ClosedIpcPath=\RPC Control\AudioSrv

Unlike sandboxed files, folders and registry keys, Sandboxie will generally not allow a sandboxed program to access a non-sandboxed resource. The exceptions to this rule are if the resource was specified in an OpenIpcPath setting, or if Sandboxie by default recognizes the resource and exposes it for use inside the sandbox.

The ClosedIpcPath setting is typically useful to block those resources that Sandboxie recognizes by default. In the example above, the AudioSrv resource is blocked. This resource provides access to audio hardware, in other words, it enables sandboxed programs to generate sound. By blocking it, the sandboxed program is essentially muted.

This setting accepts wildcards. For more information on the use of wildcards in the OpenXxxPath and ClosedXxxPath settings, see OpenFilePath.

Note: Unlike the corresponding OpenIpcPath setting, the ClosedKeyPath settings always applies to sandboxed programs, whether the program executable file resides within the sandbox, or out of it.

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